I wrote this song for my kid-sister.

“This Side of Heaven”


The ice around you is forming fast
Tread water now—but will you last?
Another storm is brewing, you can count on it
The mountains look too tall to climb
Fear not! Your future’s in its prime
There’s no wrong choice unless you choose to quit

And yes, this life feels like maze
With people pointing different ways
There’s no way out, that’s the intention
Cast your gaze up from the ground
To see the rainclouds turn around
You’ve got what it takes, have conviction

Don’t rely on other people
A Crutch, a bailout or the steeple
All you need to succeed is inside
All you need to do is realize

I will hold you here, my dear
We’ve all sinned but now we’re all forgiven
You only need a little love to live
Down here on this side of heaven

Well pills can change your chemistry
But not the world, just how you see it
A makeshift fix, to help you along your way
The stress can break you clean in half
I’ll find a way to make you laugh for now
But happiness, can’t be given away

Take life’s wheel between your hands
Release you from your chains and bands
Free at last from the trials of yesterday
You must work hard to make it so
Learn new things until you grow into
The person you always want to be

We’re not the same people as our parents
As much as they can’t stand to bear it
Dream you dream and blaze your own new trail
Life is your quest, and the ultimate test
Now go out and find your holy grail


You can climb the mountain to the top
Step by step and then you’ll stop to see
The waves from miles and miles away
Jump off the rock into the sea
Swim headfirst against the mainstream
Test your faith, it will pay


— — —
More music coming soon.